Mean Things I Think About the LaFerrari

First - what an utterly witless, bizarre name. It sounds like something Tila Tequila would name her daughter. If only the stylists had been given access to the same psychotropic cocktail as those within the marketing team who were responsible for naming it, perhaps we'd have more to look at than a hybrid 458 with… »3/05/13 10:29am3/05/13 10:29am

GTFO of the Passing Lane - Improved Driver's Ed as a Means to Better Health & Economic Stimulus

This is not the rant of a crazed gearhead, hoping to fly along at extralegal speeds, unencumbered by slower moving traffic - this is a sincere and heartfelt plea for sane and rational legislation aimed at providing safer, more efficient roads, cleaner air, and restored faith in government to do anything worthwhile in… »2/21/13 6:40pm2/21/13 6:40pm